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GUARDS AND PRISONERSTheir are three gaurds and three prisoners who need to cross a river. Their boat only holds two people at a time, and the number of prisoners must NEVER be allowed to outnumber the number of gaurds on either side of the river; otherwise, the prisoners will overpower the gaurds and, well, the story will come to an abrupt end. Determine how many trips it will take to safely transport all of the gaurds and prisoners across the river, list each of the trips that need to be made and who is in the boat and who is on each of the riverbanks during each trip.

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it says that the guards can not be out numbered on either bank. so this is how i see it.g=guard p=prisoner2p get into boat and cross. leaves 1 p on other side and 1p in boatrd goes back. so current 3g and 2p on one side and 1p on the other. *note* it only says the prisoners cant outnumber the guards. 1g gets in boat with the 1p. the p drops the g off at the other bank and then goes back.so current count. 2g and 1p on one side and 1g and 1p on other side. the p picks up another g and drops him off on other side and goes back. current count. 1g and 1p on one side. 2g and 1p on other side. p picks up the other p and drops him off on other bank and goes back. current count 1g on one side and 2g and 2p on other side. p picks up last g and goes to other bank. it only says the prisoners cant out number the guards. never said they couldnt be alone tho.

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