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There was a boy and a girl.The boy was driving on his moter cycle with the girl.Girl; Slow downBoy;No this is funGirl; No its not slow down !Boy; only if you hug meGirl; fineThe Girl Hugs The BoyBoy;now say you love meGirl;Then will you slow down?Boy;YesGirl; I love youBoy; Can you take off my helmet and put it on you Girl;Why?Boy;just take it off.Why did the boy ask the girl to take off his helmet?

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because when the boy wasw trying to slow down he couldnt and noticed the brakes were broken and he knew he was going to die so befor he died he wanted to no that she loved him by hugging him and saying he loves her and by her wearing the helmet she woulnt die. Thats true love

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