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a man walks into a restraunt in Nevada and sees a man with a sunburn all over his face. The man walks over to the sunburnt man and sits down by him. they start to converse and the sunburnt man asks him to fund a trip that would change the history of the world but it was in the desert. The sunburnt man says he just got back from the desert for 5 months and then got his beard shaved off. so the sunburnt man says just give me the money and i will go put it in the bank. the man immediately realizes the man is lying so he says no and calls the police. how did he know it was a scam?

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the man couldn't have just gotten back from the desert with a full sunburnt face, if he would've shaved his beard off it would've been many white dots because sun doesn't penetrate through hair. the man would've taken the money and run.

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