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A kid whent to class and the teacher told him to rte a report so he whent hoem and rote his report. the next day the techer asked him what his report was about and he said a puple flower and she started hiting whith a book and sent him to the offeic.when there the pricible said son why you here your 1 of my best kids. well i rote a report and told my thecher what it was aobut and see started to hit my over the head whitha book and now i am here whith u. so what was u rpeort about. a purple flower.so she started hiting him off the head whith a realer and sent him home on his way home he met a bottle dealer and the bottle dealer said.kid what u doing at of school it is only 2:00 o’clock ON NO NO WAY IN HISTERY I AM TELING U. i am a old bottle dealer what can i do to u? ow fine i hade to rite a report so i did and told my techer what it was about and she starting to hit me over the head whith a book and sentmeto the office and told thepricible what it was about and she started hiting me over the head whith a ruler and sent me home now i am here whith u.
so what was u report about.
a purple flower so he startedthrowin bottles at him he ran and ran and ran and tel hemet up whtih a cop and the cop said.
kid why u ata school?
i am sposed to help you
ow fine well i hade to rite a report about some thign so i rote iton apurple flower after i tol
before he finsishd he started hiting over the head whith his nigh stick and he ran and ran and ran he ran in his house and slamed the door and his mom siad son what u doing home so early
no way in hister can i tel u if i did i would have to run away
i am ur mother i am sposed to help u.
fine but u the last person itel
well first i rote a report and told my tehcer and she hit me whith a book and”sigh”sent me to the pricibles offeic and started hiting my whith a ruler then sent me home then i met a bottle deler who i told him it and he trow bottles at me intel i met a cop then i told him and he hit me whith his night sticjk so i ran here and now i am here whith u.
so what was it about
a purple flower
so she slaped him he ran acros the stret andgot hit by a car
what is the morel of the story

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look both ways be fore crossing the street

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